Brand New Car Precedent 48V 4 passenger seat 💺

(3 customer reviews)



New Trojan Batteries

Bronze body

Black seats front and rear

Dual Bluetooth speakers

Lift kit

Street legal LED light kit

14″ wheels

23″ all terrain tires

Folding rear seat kit with storage platform and cooler bucket insert

Rear grab bar

5 panel rear view mirror

State of charge meter

Folding tinted windshield

80″ extended black top

Speed code installed (24mph)

Smart charger included

3 reviews for Brand New Car Precedent 48V 4 passenger seat 💺

  1. Branson Barber

    We are very pleased with our purchase and look forward to the next generation of golf carts

  2. Ashlyn Gill

    I bought this cart and upgraded it with lift kit and rear seat kit and looks great. I have not had any issues with it since I bought it.

  3. Heidy Morrison

    It is well working and very comfortable. Smooth ride for all your needs.

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